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4016 giant cans generally use what kind of heating method

DN4600-15000mm This equipment belongs to giant tank. Generally, such vulcanization tanks are heated and vulcanized by boiler steam. Compared with electric steam vulcanization tanks and electric heating vulcanization tanks, a large part of electric energy can be saved, of which for factory transformers. The load will also be greatly reduced. This type is mostly used for vulcanizing large rubber rollers, or lining rubber vulcanization. The requirements for the three elements of vulcanization are exceptionally precise. Therefore, PLC automatic control is recommended. The control box can be used to control the process in advance. Steam It enters from the bottom of the tank and enters the tank through the control of the pneumatic angle seat valve. After the steam enters the tank, the temperature spreads evenly around the tank. The tank has no dead angle and achieves the purpose of vulcanization.
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