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What should I prepare after the customer purchases the vulcanization tank?

The electric heating vulcanization tank is a device for directly heating rubber through an electric heating tube to perform rubber products such as a vulcanized rubber hose, a rubber roller, and a rubber shoe.

Many customers buy equipment and think that they can install it directly, but many times it will be affected by more or less other things, which will affect the progress of the work. So today, I will introduce you to what should be prepared when the customer purchases the vulcanization tank. Or what to do.

First, the customer signs the contract, after paying the deposit, our company will prepare the ground map for you, according to the actual situation of the customer, design, and strive to satisfy the customer, the customer can start to build the foundation of the equipment to avoid the arrival of the equipment. And then the situation of the foundation. The general foundation is divided into the following two types:
1. Ground foundation, that is, the foundation is made on the ground surface, and the fixed position is made. After the equipment arrives, it can be directly installed. The fixed position is fixed by fixing bolts 1~3 times after use.
2, the underground foundation, the foundation is made at a certain depth below the ground, and the fixed position is made. After the equipment arrives, it can be directly installed. The fixed position is fixed by the fixing bolt after the product is used for 1~3 times.

2. After the equipment is installed, the customer must prepare the cable and pressure steam source in advance. When the equipment arrives at the installation, the cable can be directly connected and the origin is used for commissioning.
3. When the equipment arrives, you can contact the company. The company will send the sales personnel to the customer's location within 48 hours, guide the installation in detail, and train 1~2 skilled vulcanizers.
4. Familiar with the process of setting up the equipment. When the equipment is installed and debugged, take the relevant procedures to settle the equipment. After the operation is successful, the equipment can be used.
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