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Characteristics and development status of heat treated wood

Characteristics and development status of heat treated wood
The heat treatment can improve the dimensional stability of the wood, remove or slow release of the internal stress of the wood, because the hemicellulose, especially the polysaccharide aldehyde, chemically changes to become a weak hygroscopic monomer; in addition, the hydroxyl groups in the cellulose molecular chain Binding constitutes a hydrogen bond.
The possible reason for the heat treatment to improve the anti-corrosion performance of wood is that the wood component has changed during the heat treatment process, cutting off the nutrient source needed for the survival of the fungus; at the same time, the reduction of water content inhibits the growth of the fungus and makes the corrosion resistance improve.
The change in the color of the heat-treated wood is mainly caused by the change of the compound, the degradation of hemicellulose, lignin, and certain extracting compounds.
At present, the main problems in China's wood heat treatment market are: lack of special heat treatment equipment; related supporting technologies are still immature; most of them use traditional kiln drying methods. The main defects of the product are tree joint shedding, cracking and internal cracking, and large color difference, which restricts the increase of product price. Due to the uneven quality of various heat-treated woods sold on the market and the lack of clear quality evaluation indicators, users often confuse surface carbonized wood with heat-treated wood. In fact, the dimensional stability and corrosion resistance of the two are very different.
Recently, a kind of anti-corrosion embossed wood (called charcoal wood) appeared on the market. It was treated with vacuum pretreatment of colorless anti-corrosion liquid, and then subjected to surface carbonization after air drying, which did not fundamentally solve the problem of wood moisture absorption deformation. At the same time, there are also high pollution risks.


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